God and His People

All Soul Belong to God

Memory Seripture – Galatians 3:28 (New International Version) 

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

God owns all souls, regardless of the status, age, colour, race, etc. All souls belong to Him. Have you aligned with Him through our Lord Jesus Christ?


God is the Creator of ALL. He is impartial; He has ineffable love, yet intolerant of godlessness, despite His mercy. There is only ONE Saviour, Jesus Christ. There is only one saving faith in God through Jesus Christ (Act 15:11), and there is only ONE standard: genuine repentance and conversion (Acts. 15:20, 21). God has determined the TIME of judgement, the standard of judgements and the judge. He is fully in charge (Acts 17:31).

Everyone is equal before God; Everyone has a soul (equal before God), but He honours only those who honour Him. No one is so sacred that cannot be disciplined where necessary, and again, none is so insignificant that cannot be noticed when he responds to God’s love and follows God in/with obedience.


For God to achieve His overall purpose for the creation of the heaven and the earth, he has zero tolerance for disobedience and rebellion against His Word. God’s administrative measures can be corrective, punitive, even and destructive so that Heavens and the Earth would be governed according to His purpose. God prepared the agenda for the world before anyone was created. He determined what He wanted to do, who would be used and when such should be done. Continuity is one of the features of God’s programme.


God is the Governor of all Nations, and directly, or indirectly, He always sturts something with the one He has graciously chosen. When God has finally decided on what to do, His programmes (Plans) cannot be destroyed, but He can change the persons who refuse to comply and be relevant.



God, the Creator, created out of love for a predetermined purpose and relationship with Him (NOW) and reign with Him (later). When God saves a person, He normally washes and fortifies such a person to reach tens, hundreds, thousands and millions. God is merciful. He speared anyone who repented. Can there be forgiveness without repentance? God want to sustain and start something with you in His Kingdom. Are you living up to His expectation?

Your race, tribe or nationality is not a barrier to His choice but He expects man to respond to His love, power, provisions and consequently, be available, teachable, so that the gracious God can bring him out, build him up and bless him with spiritual blessings for every good work.

Are you ready?



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